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Integration & Import

Integrate your 1099 information directly from your accounting software to Tax1099.com. Or use our simple import from an Excel file.

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Protect confidential information with 256-bit bank-grade security. Two-factor authentication helps to prevent access to your data.


Scheduled e-File

Create recipient copies im- mediately and delay the e-file until March 31. Make any changes before the e-file with no additional costs.


TIN Match

Avoid B-Notices and penalties of up to $100 per incorrect TIN by proactively matching tax identification number (TIN) and name combinations.


Form W9

Collect your vendors’ W9s online. They update the form and sign electronically, and any changes automatically apply to their vendor record.


Single Sign-On

Access all of your Payers or companies under one login. You can file 1099-MISC, W-2, W-2C, 1098, 940/941/944, and more, all from the same account.


Address Validation

Use our service to validate the physical addresses of your recipients before mailing forms to ensure the address matches USPS format.

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Rights Management

Create additional users and assign specific rights to them. Have more users to enter, review, and even approve the work of other staff.

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Workflow Management

Manage the filing process by adding users who perform different actions within the process – data entry, review, approve, submit, or any combination of actions.

*no credit card required. no annual commitment.
no hidden fees.



1099 Penalties?

I keep hearing stories of businesses who need to file 1099s for 2013. Some didn’t have the required information soon enough.

Welcome to B-Notice Season!

It’s the time of year when unsuspecting companies begin receiving CP2100 and CP2100A notices from the IRS.


why e-file 1099?

Tired of trying to line your printer up just so? Want box 7 amounts to print in box 7 instead of on the margin of the form you bought at a big-box office supply store? When you create 1099 forms with Tax1099.com, all of your copies are available via pdf to print on plain white paper. Added bonus reason: there is no 1096 to create when you file electronically.


e-file & compliance

Companies that fail to keep a vigilant eye on ever-changing regulations face the possibilityof incurring fines from the IRS. But if you focus too much on remaining in compliance, yourbusiness may suffer. Fortunately, we can help here at Tax1099.com.We offer several ways to help you with your compliance efforts while minimizing the time youspend on it.


deadlines for 1099

Send 1099 form to the recipient by February 2, 2015. Paper filers must report 1099 to the IRS by March 2, 2015. IRS form 1099 e-file due date is March 31, 2015. With Tax1099.com, you have an option to schedule your e-file transmission date to the IRS. This helps filers issue 1099-MISC to the recipient by January 31, 2105 and e-file to the IRS between January 15-March 31, 2015